The moda group of companies is an Australian based and owned, highly successful, functionally diverse enterprise.

Established for just over 20 years, moda has undergone massive growth, driven by the success of longstanding core focus in areas within the moda management division. In 2008 the moda group of companies extend well beyond the initial profile of business silos now grouped under the moda managemant banner.

Under the leadership of Mr. Nielson Taione CEO, moda group, has been active in identifying opportunities to acquire businesses that satisfy the companies investment criteria.

The moda group of companies have been strategically and successfully expanded into high growth areas that satisfy the moda groups promise to deliver quality goods and services to moda customers and consumers

As a result of this aggressive expansion plan moda group today enjoys the enviable position of having a diverse portfolio of business interests, all very well positioned to demand leadership status within their own sectors.

Together they show just how resourceful and successful the moda group have become in Australia, in what is a remarkably short period given the stature of the achievements.

Apart from the moda management business, moda group also has interests in construction, import and export, retail, beverage manufacture, real estate, risk minimisation, TV production areas to name just a few, and of course a corporation with this much to offer is heavily involved with charities and fund raising for such valid causes such as “Breast Cancer Research” and the like.

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