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Anica Vuckovic Taione

Anica Vuckovic Taione, founder and Director has been visionary behind Moda Management division for over 20 years. A multi-talented and inspirational leader, Anica is driven by a desire to constantly raise the bar in all areas such as product, client service and talent development and training.
Her global background, multicultural influences and own personal experience as an international model, singer and dancer allow for her to constantly observe and innovate with meaningful strategic initiatives as the Moda Management continues to expand the quality and range of services offered to clients.
Far from relying solely on her career experiences in the industry to draw on, Anica is extremely well educated with degrees in Arts, Italian Language, Business Management and an Honours Degree in Psychology.
Anica herself best sums up the philosophy of the agency: ‘I get such a thrill out of helping young girls and guys realise their dreams. Having been an ex-model I very much understand what skills are required, what challenges our talent will face, and what we as management can do to assist in the realisation of those dreams.’
Whilst no denying Anica and Moda Management possess outstanding skills and pedigree, it is her personal style, affinity and rapport with talent and clients that have been the key to the success of Moda Management companies.